Southern Towers is a company resulting from the spin-off of Trixco SA, a fixed telephony operator since 2001 that was sold to Cablevisión.
Southern Towers operates 40 towers in the rental market of tower space and telecommunications infrastructure in Argentina since 2005 with clients such as Claro, Movistar, Telecom Personal and Nextel as clients.

It also provides space search, construction and maintenance services for structures, freeing their clients’ capital so they can quickly expand their network based on the new 4G technology. Its current infrastructure covers the towns of Pilar, Merlo, Moreno, José C Paz, González Catán, Villa Bosch, San Miguel, Ramos Mejía, Ituzaingó, Los Polvorines, Castelar, Morón, Laferrere, Ciudad Evita, La Tablada, Adrogué, José León Suárez, Carapachay and Observatory.
Our structure construction services fully meet the needs of telecommunications towers, focusing on savings and reducing the costs associated with the management of these structures.

Custom build
“Build the measure”

Search for sites
Construction of all infrastructure,
Engineering and civil engineering
Provision of electrical energy
Access control system

Relocation Services

Provision of space in existing towers
Provision of space on the ground
Electric power