Burq, which means lightning, is a firm created by our subsidiary ICondor Telecom Pvt. Ltd.. We are currently developing a wireless telecommunication project in Pakistan, based in Islamabad with more than 500 points installed in 8 cities across the country .

We are building a network of wireless systems in Turkey to provide data access to our customers. For that, we have offices in Istanbul and in the Network Operations Center in Gaziantep (NOC).


We have invested in Wyoming Energy Corporation’s project of Thermal Pulse Units, “ecofriendly” units destined to the improvement of the extraction in oil wells. Wyoming Energy Corp. is a US based company that seeks energy exploitation in a responsible, respectful, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

We participated in the California Torrance Oil Field Development Reserve in Los Angeles County, a 250-hectare development on the Monterey Shale Reserve, which has a primary production estimated at 17 million barrels with a potential that could exceed 45 million Barrels. Monterey Shale has estimated reserves of more than 15 million barrels.

We also participated in the Wyoming Niobrara Shale Reservation where we were awarded 420 hectares with mineral rights in the mining area of Niobrara in eastern Colorado and Wyoming.

Other Investments

Telefonía Rural together with IMM & Proceda of the Bunge Group and Born & Marubeni.

Emergency Numbers (911 & Road Assistance) along with GTE.

Airfone in LATAM together with GTE, OSPAR & MACAL.

Satellite Communications (Satelital & COMSAT & Garfunkel Group)
Data Networks in conjunction with Cox Communications, Privatel, Citibank, McDonnell Douglas Corporation and GTE Government Network Systems.

Defense – Integrated Defense Telecommunications System (SITD) together with GTE Government Network Systems and Page Europa Spa.

Data Centers – Delta Project together with GTE Government Network Systems in Argentina and ICondor Telekomunnikasyon Veticaret Ltd. Sirketi. in Turkey.

Energy: Creation of financial package for Alto Valle Power Plant project together with Gablett and Dominion Resources.
Power Metering Systems in conjunction with Powerstat and Asea Brown Boveri ABB.

CATV Cable Television in Argentina together with Cox Communications Inc., Atlántida Publishing House, Banco General de Negocios and Menéndez Group and in Brazil Multicanal together with MACAL.

STAGES the development and administration of agricultural, livestock and forestry projects in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil.